We provide group and individual activities as well as days out and special occasions

  • The many activities and events are such fun and presented to a high standard.

  • The needs of every individual are considered and catered for to the best of everyone’s ability and every effort is made to make life interesting and stimulating for the residents

  • There is a high level of commitment to providing a positive experience and constructive activity.

The Club

Some of Lakeside’s most popular pastimes take place within ‘The Club’. This is a programme, which encompasses a range of all-day activities, with something to interest everyone. The main impetus behind The Club is to provide each resident with something to look forward to every day. At the same time, their sense of purpose is boosted as well as feelings of self-worth, which is particularly important when suffering from dementia. We try to mirror the sort of things that residents would be involved with if they were living at home, particularly if they had past hobbies or sports interests. We also offer a full range of crafts and creative activities involving music and cinema. With no two days ever being the same, everyone feels rewarded whilst being pleasantly occupied. Rather than provide a random selection of activities within The Club, we take the time to look into each resident’s background, talking to their friends and family to find out what they like to do. Each resident is matched with club activities that we believe will bring joy and pleasure.

Days Out / Special Occasions

As well as activities within the home, we organise days out and activities for special occasions such as birthdays and seasonal celebrations. This could be anything from a picnic by the lake to a day out sitting in the sun at Dulwich Park. We also organise special parties and garden fetes.

Where families and friends would like to take part, we actively encourage this as we find residents appreciate the extra company. Lakeside, its staff and residents have such a loyal following that we have an ongoing’Friends of Lakeside’ group. This includes past and present family members who visit the home, spend time with residents, help organise events and carry out fundraising for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas. Many popular entertainers, performers and speakers also visit Lakeside every month, providing something of interest for everyone.

24 Hour Dedicated Dementia Care

Providing the highest quality and standard of care to maintain and optimise the residents’ quality of life.


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