Namaste Care

Namaste Care

We are proud to offer our residents Namaste Care here at Lakeside Nursing Home

  • We would recommend Lakeside Nursing Home to friends and family

  • Lovely staff – highly recommend

  • Staff interaction with residents is just wonderful

Namaste Care

Namaste Care is a multi-sensory approach with a difference. Sometimes residents with a higher level
of dementia or mental illness require one-on-one attention. Our Namaste Care Programme ensures that each person has that special time with a carer.

The name ‘Namaste’ was given very specifically because of its meaning, which is, “to honour the spirit within”.

7 Days a Week Programme

Residents that require this type of care don’t take heed of the day of the week and nor do we. For this reason, Namaste Care is provided seven days of the week. As well as gently tending to their needs, our staff involve them in a variety of meaningful activities by using a specialised “loving touch” approach. Headed up by one of our senior carers, the Namaste Care programme takes place in a special area of Lakeside, chosen due to its peacefulness and non-isolating environment.

Activities are person-focused, gentle and soothing. We rotate them to avoid repetitiveness as this way, the residents gain the most enjoyment and relaxation. Each resident experiencing Namaste Care can sit back and enjoy the healing power of human touch as it triggers feelings of connection and reassurance. Families can relax, knowing that their loved ones are safe.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement focuses on each of our residents feeling loved and respected:

“Making pleasure and enjoyment a part of every daily experience.”

Whether residents are eating, being bathed, watching TV or engaging in social activities, it is our goal to ensure that they feel happy, content and comfortable. No matter the level of their dementia or mental illness, we never forget that they are people just like ourselves. The atmosphere within Lakeside is calm, peaceful and relaxing. Nothing is too much trouble for our staff and they will go the extra mile to ensure that residents are not feeling uncomfortable, physically or emotionally. By working with each person holistically, we can maintain a high standard of care overall which shows on the results that we obtain. After residents have been in our care for some time they begin to blossom, understanding that they are safe, secure and appreciated.

24 Hour Dedicated Dementia Care

We have a mix of fully qualified nurses and carers who are on duty 24 hours and are there to provide the care and support necessary for each resident in the home.


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