Lakeside Services

Lakeside Services

We believe that people take pride in achieving even the simplest tasks by themselves

  • The staff at Lakeside Nursing Home are kind and compassionate. The turnover of staff is low

  • The staff work as a team, are very compassionate and nothing is too much trouble for any of the staff.

  • The food is excellent with a good variety and always home cooked from scratch, using good quality ingredients.


24 Hour Care / Dementia Care / Palliative Care

Lakeside provides a comprehensive list of care services over a 24-hour period. Each of our specialist services is suitable for both the short and long-term care of the elderly suffering from dementia or mental illness. A family-run private home, Lakeside is registered with the Portland Group Medical Practice.

Personal Care

Lakeside also provides a full regime of personal care facilities. Here are just a few of those regularly offered:

Doctor (NHS or private)

Other services can be arranged as required.


Residents’ personal clothing is washed separately in our fully equipped laundry room. We do not provide dry cleaning in-house but this can be arranged externally.

Palliative Care

Our palliative caregiving approach is one of optimising quality of life and reducing suffering, no matter the residents’ mental, emotional or physical condition. When it comes to the end of life care, we work closely with St. Christopher’s hospice. The focus is on what is important to each resident and family are encouraged to be as involved as they wish to be.

24 Hour Dedicated Dementia Care

Providing the highest quality and standard of care to maintain and optimise the residents’ quality of life.


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